Personal Genome Explorer 1.1

I’ve posted version 1.1 of Personal Genome Explorer; both source and binaries are available.


  • 23andme data import
  • Encrypted file format
  • Export to CSV
  • SNP database import from SNPedia
  • Comes with pre-imported data from SNPedia
  • Analysis of genome based on SNPedia metadata
  • Random genome generation based on population frequency data

The new version brings together the 23andme data import from version 1.0 with a new SNPedia metadata importer. It cross-references the 23andme genome data with the SNP information from SNPedia to display the traits associated with the genome.

For my personal genome data from 23andme and the default SNPedia data included with the binary download, it can find about 150 traits. There are 800 additional SNP associations it finds in SNPedia that don’t have information about the effects of the different alleles of the SNP. As more information is added to SNPedia, Personal Genome Explorer will be able to show more traits.

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